J2 Steel Handmade Chef Knife (S17-C-001)


SafiTechs J2 Chef Knife (S17-C-001) which is hand crafted and beautifully designed to appeal all eyes. This knife has over 25 hrs of work invested into it, including filing, fitting, grinding, polishing and more polishing. This knife is not just a showpiece, its fully functional and heat-treated to take the impact. Impressive workmanship that will turn heads.


15 / 100

Over All Length:  14.00” Inches,
Blade Length:    9.01” Inches
Handle Length:   4.09” Inches,
Blade Width:    2.5” Inches
Blade Thickness:   5 mm Approx
Blade Hardness:    58 to 60

Blade Material:  J2 Steel



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