Damascus Handmade Gut Hook Knife (SG-18-098)


This Gut Hook Knife (SG-18-098)  is brand new, hand crafted by the team of SafiTechs. The attention to detail is out of this world. This knife is well balanced and has an excellent grip, creating a natural weight and feel when held. What makes SafiTechs knives distinctive is that no two pieces are identical; each knife is carefully designed, carved, and hand made into a breath taking work of art. The knife makers of SafiTechs take great pride in their work, bringing forth only the most unblemished and spectacular knives for you



OVER ALL LENGTH:  10 inches  (279.4 mm )
HANDLE LENGTH:  5 inches  (127 mm )
BLADE LENGTH:  5 inches  (127 mm )
BLADE THICKNESS:  5 mm approximately
THE HANDEL:  Amazing and Unique Use of Stage Horn.





 If you have a Damascus steel blade knife, you have a knife blade with unique beauty. With its historical reputation as the metal used for the best swords over hundreds of years and its distinctive wavy design, this steel is a beauty to behold. So with that quality blade–especially one that has intricate etchings–comes special care. Here are our tips on how to care for a Damascus steel knife, in order for it to maintain its beauty and use.


  • To repair nicks and other mars on a blade’s edge, you need to sharpen it.
  • How to tell if a knife needs sharpening? It will slide right off the skin of an onion.
  • Skip electric sharpeners, which strip away too much metal.

Sharpening techniques

The underlying principle here is grinding the blade against a hard rough surface (Wet Stone) at a certain angle. There is a common saying that iron sharpens iron. Regardless of the tool that is being used, there are three major universal steps involved namely sharpening, straightening and polishing.

  • Sharpening – The point here is to remove chunks of unwanted material from the blade. This is achieved by setting the blade at an angle between 20 to 30 degrees against the material being used for sharpening therefore the process will result in the blade tapering at the edges thus removing the dullness.
  • Straightening – This is done at yet a smaller angle of about 15 to 20 degrees. It aims at making the edges straight by removing some excess metal but not as much as in the first step.
  • Polishing – This is a finishing technique that gives the blade a mirror like smooth edge.

Care for gut hook

Carbon steel and damascus can rust when not cared for properly. You will need to make sure the blade remains clean and dry in order to prevent rust or discoloration.

After cleaning and drying your knife, you should lubricate it with a wax or vegetable oil to prevent moisture from affecting the blade. We recommend Renaissance Wax (an archival-grade museum wax), because it will keep your knife rust-free and maintain its etched beauty.


If you have a Damascus steel blade, exercise caution when showing off your blade to others to avoid injury.


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