Damascus Handmade Hunting Knife (S17-45)


SafiTechs Damascus Hunting Knife (S17-045) which is hand crafted and beautifully forged to appeal all eyes. This knife has over 25 hrs of forge work invested into it, including; forging, filing, fitting, grinding, polishing and more polishing. This knife is not just a showpiece, its fully functional and heat-treated to take the impact. Impressive workmanship that will turn heads


Overall lenght:                        8.6″
Blade lenght:                           4.6″
Handle lenght:                        4″
HRC:                                         56-60
Layers:                                     216
Blade material:                      1095 and 15N20
Pattern:                                   Twist
Handle material:                   Oily wood with mosaic pin

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Quality Does Matter

1 review for Damascus Handmade Hunting Knife (S17-45)

  1. Naval Spook

    Great knife, well balanced, nice grip and good quality steel, will buy again and recommend to others

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